20-minute Butoh choreography for two performers read as male:
Elijah Semerenko and Ryan Parks

Accompanied by live spectral drone music:
Jan Tobias Sutter

During WispLab 15/16.09.2018 @ Kontor 80, Leipzig


Butoh Dance applied as form and method: one empties the body, filling one’s internal body movement with material (water), as the body is metamorphosing into a water state, the water state is then influenced by vibration from a wall. The drone sounds help create a flow of ripples and waves to the space, the wall and the internal body.

The performers where positioned at the part of the space, which picked up maximum dronal vibration: A wall with an attached frame. The hard light is directed away from the performers and illuminates the audience and the musician.

With a simple dramaturgical score the two dancers move through immerging with each other, to the floor, upon which the drone music is cut for 5 minutes, the performers freeze, when the drones start again the performers move to an upright position – leaning against the wall, folding down to the floor again and back up into the final balancing position. Then the drone music is cut.






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