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The Lonesome Cowboy for Florentina Holzinger

The Lonesome Cowboy for Florentina Holzinger is a solo performance where I pushed the performer Florentina Holzinger to a point where she was very sensitive to sounds created by herself in the space. I worked out a method in which Florentinas listening skills would be central. The movements derived from constant questions asked in the body. In the dance studio we exercised moving the body with low pelvic guttural sounds and high throat sounds. We made sound research as a working method. We studied musique concrete and we recorded layers of everyday sounds. Sitting in a park, we interviewed the composer, Tian Rotterveel, about sound perception and phenomenology. We did all this, to practice listening and open up the possibility for accumulating new interests and choices in sound- and movement-making. Quadrophonic speakers where panned during the performance to bring the performer to yet another level of sound environment. This eventualy broke down her own sound and movement vocabulary to the state of chaos and adrenaline. A state of trance or hysteria. Creating hidden performativities in fluidity, without the rigidity of the conciouss.

Direction, choreography, costume, light design, sound engineering: Melody Panosian

Performer: Florentina Holzinger

Location: SNDO 1 Festival, Amsterdam 2008

Posted in Music and Performance.