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What kingdom. Of all damn human. Animals. Nothing important

What kingdom. Of all damn human. Animals. Nothing important

Objects, video installation, performance


@ Spinnerei Leipzig

4 GB USB stick with 11 videos
The stick includes the floorplan of the performances and 11 preporatory videos with music by David Hamer Atlas, Anne Laplantine, Sean Cannock, DZR:P amongst other stars.
This collection of videos was played continously on my computer during the installation. Below the computer USB sticks, including price information. The music video King was shown during the performance.

“I need someone from the audience”. I put on King video on my computer. The audience member pours milk on me while I am upside down. I put coal on my feet and hands like chalk in sports. Acrobatics with legs and feet.
With my back to the audience, I put little red eggs in my swimsuit. Pink water runs down, mixed with the milk on the floor, it forms a pink little lake.

“I need someone from the audience, it concerns filming”. The audience member films the last 30 min of the performance. Cleaning up takes time.

Various interactions happen during the performance. Two performers from another show come in and I ask them to join.

 Kindly supported by Swedish Arts Grants Committee