melody _panosian

Visa Dig Som Den Myriad Du Är / POWER NAP

Amina Seid Tahir & Melody Panosian

Visa Dig Som Den Myriad Du Är / POWER NAP

Guided live-meditation and pillow workshop

Bålsta Centrum & Uppsala Konstnärsklubb

Mobil Ung Salong 2021

A collaboration between Amina Seid Tahir (Live-Voice, Synthesizer, Musical Archive) and me (Text, Live-Voice, iPad, Musical Archive). We both dug into our musical archives as well as learned new music apps/programs. 
The pillow workshop was accompanied by our live-music. The visitor invited to fill a tote bag with cut up mattresses, seal it with needle and thread and paint on it, create a portable pillow.
The guided live-meditation a mix of guided hypnosis, spoken word, singing and voice samples.

The meaning of healing and becoming whole has varied in different periods of our lives. It is difficult to define healing, it is a constant force, then changes its formulation and intensity, turning into personal presence and rest.
Healing and rest is a political act in a society in which we are expected to “stay on the grind”. Only when we take a break and give ourselves time to reflect, dream and look at ourselves beyond what we perform we realise the value of just being.