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Ljudverkstad FRISTAD

Ljudverkstad FRISTAD

Public pop up sculpture

2x9x3 meter | Wood & raw fabric

Kulturkvarteret/Örebro Konsthall
Konstdygnet Hemmaresidens 2021

Alla behöver egna rum ibland
Isobel Hadley-Kamptz, Twitter quote

The sculpture is intended as a meeting place and protected zone for women, a place for
discussions, poems, speeches, interviews, stories, testimonies, etc. The sound material, recorded by me, intended for a future work.

The shape of the sculpture inspired by the headwear and clothing of the Beguines. These clothes gave them access, the key, to the public space in which they participated with their labour. The shape of the sculpture is also inspired by the Begijnhof = Beguinage, where the beguines lived and worked. The beguinages were semi-enclosed, separatist houses that functioned as a city within a city.

Kindly supported by Kulturutveckling Region Uppsala

Tack: Uppsala Maker Space, Kultur och Bildning Region Uppsala, Kulturkvarteret Örebro, Örebro Konsthall, Pea, Björn, Poli, Rasmus, Bilda, Axel, Alberto, Pierre Henriet, Tomas, Rebecca, Stéphane Querrec, Alexander Creutz m.fl