melody _panosian


325 x 305 cm
Raw fabric Acrylic paint Permanent marker Charcoal Fabric glue

It will be exhibited 27/4 – 4/5 2024 at Husby Konsthall in Stockholm

How do I want the day to be when the sun rises? It’s not up to me, I don’t really know what to imagine.

Slowly an image emerges, and one more, only fragments not yet belonging to a particular vision. When I move and poke the images, they too start moving. I bend with the movement of swaying chatter and striped pulse.

As each image forms and appears in clarity, some call them symbols while others call them abstractions still.

Stripes of bandages out of torn raw fabric.
I pulled out threads in a process of undoing some of them.
Twisted the bandages into bundles, painted them and
secured them with rubber bands and left over threads.
I waited for each bundle to dry, before leaving them to
soak in water-thinned acrylic paint.
Upon releasing the bundles I folded, painted and made
imprints on them with object, then waited for
each bandage to dry.
After painting the background on two large pieces of
raw fabric, I pinned the bandages on the background and
continued painting the assemblage with
acrylic paint, permanent marker and charcoal.
I used fabric glue to fasten the assemblage, put pressure and
waited for each bandage to dry before removing the pins.