melody _panosian


Zaida Guerrero Casado & Melody Panosian

Site-specific installation on the east side coartyard of Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig during HGB Rundgang 2016

Cobblestones, white rope, wall 

We provoked, and promoted a wound on what would normally be a solid and stable base. We altered the ground made out of cobblestones.
We wrapped the cobblestones in ropes and placed them carefully back into their original holes. One of them was placed prominently on the sidewalk, marking the outside. Two cobblestones: One also placed outside, right in front of the wall, and the other one on the other side of the wall. The rest of the cobblestones shaped a long two branched scar.

The “wound state” reveals the sand underneath the cobblestones and allows two different possible evolutions: A healing phase, through which the lived experience or even the pain could be integrated. Its reopening by pulling the stones out again, which implied a revision, a reawakening of the pain, where aggression and suffering would meet. Thus, the cobblestones had the potencial to be a stitch but also a weapon.

In any case, the wound offered the chance to build something new as a result of an interaction. The decision relied on the visitors, who transformed and manipulated the work. These interventions were revealed through time.