Melody Panosian

Paper Planes

Snorri Karlsson & Melody Panosian
Paper Planes
Video installation / Objects
The video contains several partly-improvised performance interventions with a freestanding stone wall at the Gutshof next to Kunstverein Röderhof. The monolithic stone structures divide the surrounding landscape in two. There, in an undetermined space, an exploration begins each evening.

The video installation was exhibited in my studio of residency on the 30th anniversary of Kunstverein Röderhof Harz/Germany.

One sheet of hand made paper (A4)
x20 Paper planes
Motor oil on unfolded paper planes
Space blanket
Cleaning gloves
Cardboard boxes
Speaker system: Sony SRS D8

Sound/video editing of original video: Snorri Karlsson

Sound/video editing: Dirk Sebastian Johann Apitz

Danke: Jeanette Brabenetz, Kunstverein Röderhof, Huysburg Monastery, Woman In Exile & Friends, Nadia Ibrahim, Untraining The Ear Days/Workshops, Snorri Karlsson, Hiltrud Blaier, Sven Heinrich, NASA Fackas und der Milchstraße, Stéphane Querrec, Antoinette Belin, Jan T Sutter, Yunuen Rhi, Uwe Gellner, Michael Schlorke, Dirk Apitz, David Hamer Atlas

Kindly supported by Landes Sachsen-Anhalt

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